Our Objective

The objectives of QMI Arbitration Centre UK Ltd.:

1.At the local level:

  • To contribute to the performance’s development of the system of negotiation, arbitration and alternative means of resolving disputes, and support the efforts of the Ministry of Justice in UK in this regard.
  • To meet the needs for quality arbitration services according to ethical standards, abide by the law of arbitration, and to promote the adoption of the suitable solution, which contributes to the alleviation of the judiciary.
  • To enhance the applications of quality management of arbitration, strengthen the governance system, integrity, transparency and security of liabilities information, and provide expertise in accordance with International ISO standards.

2.At the Regional and international Levels:

  • To seek to connect with similar Centres of expertise in other countries, in order to exchange and transfer experiences to the arbitration community in the UK.
  • To work on attracting international expertise and holding conferences aimed to raise the level of national arbitration according to the highest standards of professional Centres and organizations.
  • Facilitate the implementation of British rules outside UK territory.
  • Facilitate international arbitration and implement their provisions within UK territory.
  • Participation in international events to promote the name of UK in the field of professionalism of international arbitration processes, in line with international trends in institutional arbitration and strengthen its regional and international status.