The Center seeks to provide the best services to those interested in the field of arbitration and is keen to renew and modernize these services, to meet the desires and needs required by workers and those who are related to, interested in arbitration, at the level of Syria, the Arab world, and the rest of the world.

The Center provides the following services:

1. Management of international negotiation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.
2. Commercial, engineering, financial and economic arbitration, provision of arbitration management facilities, and all the development of such services.
3. Consultations for similar offices and relevant ministries of the State in the field of improving the quality of performance in the judicial, juridical and arbitration sectors.
4. Studies, scientific research and publishing, and the establishment of courses, seminars, conferences and training programs in the field of specialization of the Center and in the areas of quality and international standards.
5. Representing similar international Centers in Syria.
6. Contract agreements and protocols with colleges, institutes, universities and international arbitration Centers.
7. Enforcement of decisions of international arbitration bodies applicable in Syria and approved by the Syrian government.
8. Prepare lists of names and data of the accredited arbitrators of the Center and follow up on updating and developing them.
9. Serious and constructive cooperation with the leading Arab and foreign arbitration centers in this field with the aim of spreading the culture of arbitration and awareness among the public, and continuous communication and exchange of experiences to confirm confidence and credibility with the Syrian arbitration and the Syrian arbitrators.
10. Responding to inquiries and legal consultations for arbitration cases through a distinguished group of professors, lawyers, international arbitrators and specialists.
11. Management of international certification – ISO – for similar arbitration Centers in the areas of quality of performance and information security management and other relevant international standards.
12. Publish all new news in the field of arbitration including news of interest to the arbitrators, through seminars, courses, periodicals and legal research.
13. Establish a website for the Center, which includes all specialists to consult and exchange views, to define the Center and receive requests and consultations, and to provide legal knowledge.
14. Preparation of a regulation list for the work of the Center at a high level of accuracy to address the details of the direct arbitration case from start to finish in accordance with the provisions of the Syrian Arbitration Law.
15. Providing an appropriate and suitable place for the arbitral tribunal, equipped with all possibilities, books and references, and providing the appropriate atmosphere for the tribunal to hold arbitration sessions within the Center.