Vision Mission Strategic Goal and Legal Rules

Our Vision

To strengthen the Alternate Dispute Resolution services in the world from the UK with an ADR centre that offers both timely & cost saving electronic means to facilitate cross boarders worldwide online dispute resolution platform, with training tools, raising the bar of ADR role model into international standards. Our Centre is an integral part of ADR in the UK and beyond offering, Expert Determination, Dispute Avoidance Boards (Adjudication, Mediation, Expedited Arbitration procedures for commercial sectors from UK to the entire world.

Our Mission

To offer reliable Alternate Dispute Resolution Solution using international Expertise from U.K to the world , helping to improve ADR culture worldwide, offering panel of technical Experts’ varieties to analyze and determine parties Adjudicative binding determination, as well as Mediation or Emergency arbitration ,or commercial Arbitration online. Thus, reducing time and costs of the disputes targeting to salvage business relations, in accordance with the latest state of art international standards.

Our Objective

Commitment to research, innovate and govern best ADR practices that presents preventive measures rather than expensive remedy.

Legal Rules

The Centre operates under UNCITRAL Model law rules for Mediation and Arbitration. However, parties may also select compliance to England and Wales laws seat or any other international seat, which governs and regulates its ADR activities and organizational and administrative procedures.

The Centre also operates according to the following standard rules of arbitration in accordance with the recommendations of the laws, to improve performance to international standards and to maintain customer rights:

  1. BS 10500 Standard for integrity and transparency
  2. International ISO Management System Standards:
    1. ISO 31000 Standard, to manage the risks of decision-making and to make a fact-based decision.
    2. ISO 22301 Standard, to ensure continuity of work and provision of arbitration service.
    3. ISO 27001:2013 Standard and GDPR, to ensure the security, protection and safety of information.
    4. ISO 9001:2015 Standard, Quality management system of the Centre.
    5. ISO 37001:2016 standard, Anti-bribery management system.