Why Quality Makers for Negotiation and International Arbitration!

An Arbitration Center should not just pay lip service to the critical principles of Independence, Impartiality, Competence, Quality, being Natural, and the Safeguarding of Information Security!

An arbitration center gains credibility from the degree to which it conforms to relevant statutory and regulatory requirements; especially the law governing the establishment of arbitration center in the country and the resultant license issued by the Ministry of Justice.

It is the reputation of founders, managers, arbitrators, and experts topped up with their past experience and reputation, which grant an arbitration center a recognized name in society and a distinguished ranking from scientific and knowledge management perspectives.

Its performance efficiency and compliance to the code of conducts, professional and ethical behavior are not mere statements announced by the center; rather, they should be a genuine commitment demonstrated through documented evidence that are subjected to continuous monitoring, review, improvement, control and assessment as per international standards; such as:
• ISO 37001 – Anti-bribery management systems – The standard for impartiality, transparency and assurance of bribery prevention.
• Information Security ISO/IEC 27001 The standard sfor management and protection of information security
• Quality Management System ISO 9001 – The standard for quality management for the operations of the center.
• Business Continuity ISO 22301 – The standard for assuring the work would continue during any eventual crisis.

The aforementioned elements are the international level of quality measures that leading and well-known international arbitration centers adhere to in order to sustain its esteem and regard; for which our founders have committed themselves to. Hence the name of our center was invented: “Arab Makers for Negotiation, international arbitration and Alternative Conflict Resolution Measures”

To assure protecting the interests of all of our clients who would trust our center, experts and reputable arbitrators; we promise to be the first Arabic arbitration center that conforms to international rules and quality standards for Negotiation, international arbitration and alternative conflict resolution measures.

The pioneered structure of Quality Makers Center for Arbitration and International Accreditation was built on the basis of highest international standards and ISO management system standards.

With the aim of full abidance by these principles right from the beginning; our system, hierarchy and structure have been designed and built by our experts and arbitrators who are well-known for their impartiality, independence, neutrality , competence and performance quality.
The result was the birth of one of the most modern systems of arbitration centers in the Arab world!